Web Traffic

Image - Web Traffic
Image – Web Traffic

Free and paid web traffic drives people to your website who seek the services you provide. Building a community can drive traffic to your website using social media marketing that creates brand awareness. Focusing on organic SEO, email marketing, and influencer marketing can help boost internet traffic. The people who visit your website must engage with your site so that it results in conversions and finally customers. A free website traffic generator is Google My Business. Use paid traffic methods and test and track your advertising campaigns. Paid traffic sources include Instagram, LinkedIn, online advertising on Google, Bing, etc. Drive web traffic the right way and concentrate on quality users. Increased web traffic flow with decreasing conversions indicates that your website is not attracting relevant visitors. Adopt a mix of channels and strategies such as Blogging, and On-Page & Off-Page SEO to send visitors to your websites.

Free Website Traffic Generator - Google My Business
Channels & Strategies - On Page & Off Page SEO | Blogging

Web Traffic – Introduction

The number of visitors on a website is referred to as Web Traffic. Optimize Web Traffic to improve your online presence and attain set goals for your business. Many tools are available for measuring Web Traffic and the metrics associated with it to better understand your audience, behavior, and preferences. Google Analytics is the most popular tool that most website businesses use.

Metrics can be listed as the number of visitors, behavior, session duration, bounce rate, page views & time spent on a page, referral source, conversion rates & keywords, and many more. Traffic sources include direct, organic, referral, social media, paid, and email marketing. High Traffic for your website implies that your domain enjoys high authority and search engines will rank such websites higher in the SERPs. Grow your website traffic by employing key strategies namely SEO, PPC, social media, email & content optimization.

Web Traffic: Optimize Websites for ranking on Page1 in Google Search Results

The PageRank Google algorithm < google.com/search/howsearchworks/how-search-works/ranking-results/> is used by its Search for ranking websites in their search engine. Search results are influenced by Quality backlinks and Efficient internal linking. PageRank Ⓒ is the trademark of Google Inc. The formula to calculate PageRank is-

Fig1 - Web Traffic: Google Inc Ⓒ PageRank Formula
Fig1 – Web Traffic: Google Inc Ⓒ PageRank Formula

Page Rank

Run a backlink Audit to know whether your link juice is high quality. This means links should be from a high-authority page on a low-authority site. Use the spy-Glass tool <seospyglass.com/> to find the in-link rank scores.

Follow efficient internal linking practices. Ensure there are no orphan pages. Links should have a shallow structure of page links about 2-3 clicks from the homepage, Links per page should be reasonably limited. Include keywords in anchor texts. Use the website auditors’ tool to check the click depth of your pages.

How Google works to rank web pages

Google considers user intent to rank pages. Therefore concentrating on user intent is the key to understanding how Google ranks websites. User intent is something that a user looks for when searching online. Publishers write semantic content with keywords that are used in a search. The content you write should satisfy user intent and at the same time be relevant to meeting the users’ needs. Emphasize more user intent match rather than a keyword match in your SEO approach. UX is much more than that. It is about Readability meaning your post should be understandable to search engines and a wider audience.

Keyword Research & SEO in Web Traffic

Read more by clicking on Keyword Research and discover profitable ways to find keywords. Use the SpyFu tool to find your competitors’ keywords and outrank them. Click on SEO fundamentals and read more about the essentials.

Domain & Hosting

When naming your business, buy a domain and match the web address/ URL with the name of your domain. It helps customers easily find your domain when they search for the business type. This increases page rank and attracts more traffic. A web hosting server should increase the page load speed of websites to super fast for your customers.

Content Marketing & Technical SEO

SEO-optimized content drives more traffic to your website. Content Marketing and Technical SEO increase organic traffic. Index your website in major directories and search engines eg Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Issues such as broken links, Redirects & HTTP errors, Tags – Custom, HREflang and Meta, XML Sitemap, and Schema Markup need to be addressed continuously. Build backlinks for your website. Web Analytics data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console can help you understand all that is required to maximize your web traffic

Fig2-Newswire - Press Release Distribution
Fig2-Newswire – Press Release Distribution

Press Release

Press Releases can boost traffic to your website by getting your company services and products as a write-up in the media outlet. It draws the attention of media writers, journalists, (and bloggers), about something newsworthy. The news is normally sent to the following-

  • print (magazines, newspapers),
  • broadcast (TV, Radio),
  • outdoor (signages, billboards) and/ or
  • online media (internet).

For this make sure the press list or the news wire service you use to distribute your press release is reputed Fig2. For SMBs that want to start with the press release, some free options are available eg Open PR <openpr.com/news/about.html> is a press release service that offers stickies on your website. Many search engines index a press release quickly. A press release can get you backlinks and boost your rankings. Business owners use a press release to reach their target customers and generate leads and sales. Check an example of Press Release Agencies by clicking on NewsVoir <newsvoir.com/#home-latest>.

Online press releases are distributed to Google, Yahoo, and other media outlets that attract thousands of visitors per day. This results in promotional opportunities with the contacts. Optimize your press release to get indexed by search engines using your main keywords. Draft your press release correctly to avoid any cause for rejection. Measure the effectiveness of your press release as most sites eg PR News Wire <cision.com/media-monitoring/> , NewsWire, etc allow you to track down the readers. Many press release software is also available eg Prowly < prowly.com>.

Fig3-tumblr.com-microblog platform for sharing your content with publisher networks
Fig3-tumblr.com – microblog platform for sharing your content with publisher networks

Article Marketing

To increase traffic to your website using Article Writing Fig3 first find the best search keywords. Use these bid keywords in the source code, title tag, heading and subheadings, and your opt-in page. Article Marketing in your Marketing strategy aims at creating a niche-related quality audience of target users to your website. Tumblr is a good place to start writing articles and sharing your articles. From the search bar, you can research other writers’ presentations. When other users share your content then you will have s sizeable reach.

The article you write should be about 400 words and contain the bidding keyword. The placement of this keyword should be in the introductory paragraph and the second and third paragraphs. Write a short profile of your credibility with a link to your website. Your article should be based on user queries and address the solutions they are seeking. Circulate your rich keyword content to several high-ranking content distribution sites eg: Ezine Articles. An Ezine is an electronic magazine that is delivered to subscribers through email. It is a great marketing tool to drive traffic to your website. These content distribution sites have thousands of articles in various categories. Examples are articlesbase.com, ezinearticles.com, etc.

Visitors searching with your bid keywords in search engines get directed to your content on these content distribution sites. And when they find one they can upload it for free on their site. However, they have to display the content without making any changes and with the writers’ names, profiles, and links. Interested users notice the writers’ bio and links and by clicking on them land on your site. Some content distribution sites feature ‘the share article option’ where visitors can share the article with their friends. Many companies provide article-writing services eg BCW < bestcontentwriter.in/article-writing-services/>

Ezine Marketing

Several ezine publishers tap into the power of joint ventures and drive more targeted traffic to their website and JV website(s) that target more subscribers collectively. Increase subscriptions to your ezine by using ad swaps or a JV. For the display of ads in front of a targetted audience swap an ad. The ads that you can swap are Sponsor, classified, solo, and feature ads.

Put together a Joint venture with other like-minded publishers related to your niche. Each ezine publisher’s A1 and A2 in this joint venture knows what the subscribers’ common interest is. Make a page offering including the other ezine on the thank you page. When visitors subscribe to my publishers’ ezine (A1) they will land on the thank you page displaying both the other publishers’ ezine (A2) and mine (A1). When you subscribe to the other publishers’ ezine (A2) I would land on their thank you page which displays both my publishers’ ezine (A1) along theirs (A2). This type of promotion (A1+A2) will give you an extra boost of subscribers due to working together. There is no limit to the like-minded publishers’ ezines (A1+A2+A3…) they can find to multiply their efforts to build an online business quickly.

Ad Swaps

Take advantage of ad swaps to increase your email list which you have built through subscriptions. Find someone with an email list who is ready to partner with you. Post an offer of your list to their list and post an offer of theirs list to your list. This is a great way to build your subscriber base when you have started a new one.

Email Marketing

Use Email Marketing and drive more traffic to your website. Leverage email marketing campaigns to enhance subscriber engagement for building a list thus impacting your web traffic. Make sure the users get directed to a landing page with a CTA.

Alternatively, get subscribers by signing up to Medium <medium.com> – a social publishing platform. At the end of your story include a CTA to link back to your website. Use the Upscribe tool < upscribe.net> for constructing newsletter signup forms/ lead generation forms. Embed the forms in your Medium post grow your list and drive traffic to your websites.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing can drive more traffic to increase sales. Influencers have a powerful following on social media. Social signals from powerful influencers move your content to successfully performing levels. This means a share from an Influencer results in thousands of people viewing your content.

Blog Carnivals

Participate in a blog carnival to drive traffic to your website. Blog Carnival is a promotional ongoing event where one blogger serves as a host while other bloggers are just participants. In a blog carnival, the host decides the topic and makes known the carnival dates to its participants, Other bloggers then write about this topic on their blogs. After publishing the participant blogger sends the link to the carnival post entry to the host.

The idea behind a blog carnival is to facilitate users’ access to a diversity of posts related to the chosen topic, The host when publishing his post on the carnival date includes all the entry links for display. The host necessitates each entry participant to advertise the carnival date for the topic on their respective blogs. This way traffic is facilitated to the host carnival blog having entry participant links to different websites.

Web Traffic from Podcast

Promote your services or your product through Podcast Marketing by embarking on a theme. Keep in touch with your users on your network by publishing information and distributing content via RSS feed. Inform your client base using email marketing.

Fig4 - Web Traffic: Podcast on iTunes
Fig4 – Web Traffic: Podcast on iTunes

Podcasting services eg iTunes make it possible to download the podcast. Then consume the information through an iPod or mP3 player at users’ convenience. Already published information can be converted into a podcast for circulation to your audience. Optimize your website so that visitors can find your podcast. Plan your podcasts regularly on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis and obtain feedback. Schedule a Press Release and inform users of your podcast to impact traffic to your blog.

Engage with your community by converting your blog posts to podcasts eg Trinity Audio <trinityaudio.ai>. Available as a one-click converter Trinity Audio WordPress plugin adds a player to your blog post. After installing the plugin select the language and gender voice.

Video & YouTube

The many video styles are trailers, tutorials, customer success testimonials, data statistics, etc. They are packaged for marketing with a purpose aimed at your audience to drive traffic to your blog. YouTube video best practices include a subscribe button to your channel and CTA, use of cards, a subscribe button in your channel art link and finally offering something for free eg ebook, or a free course, etc can boost traffic to your site. Convert your blog posts to videos and upload them on YouTube. Use Lumen5 which has both free and paid options. YouTube SEO helps to draw organic web traffic.


Document Sharing Sites

Document Sharing Sites eg Scribt <scribd.com/?lohp=1> are techniques to share your documents in different formats such as PDF, Word, PowerPoint, etc. Upload your posts, logos, catalogs, etc using a link URL on document-sharing sites. Blog websites can increase visibility and ranking in search engines. Get backlinks to enhance traffic and more views. Reach your audience through document-sharing sites that are downloadable.

Comments, Guest Posting

Commenting on popular blogs that are relevant to your niche will expose you to communities with which you would want to engage. Speed up your efforts to build traffic for your blog by using comments that focus on a committed audience.

The Guest posting strategy works to drive traffic to your blog by drawing qualified leads. Reach out to users and build up your brand credibility and visibility.

Forum Marketing in Web Traffic

Use forum marketing as a traffic-driving strategy for your website. Select a forum that has relevance to your niche and become a member of the community. The user name selected for the forum has to be related to your business. What matters is the popularity of the forum and how large it is. Is the forum active and allows signatures? Signatures allow you to link back to your website or newsletter signups. Post a profile that reflects your persona and your blog. On the forum make sure you post content that solves the queries of other members. Write your content, especially for the forum, and start new threads. Remain active throughout and amuse yourself with the experience whilst building free traffic for your blog.


Content syndication strategy to boost web traffic

Content syndication is about publishing your blog on 3rd party websites. This allows for link building and increasing web traffic. The content syndication methods are-

  • Content syndication on other websites > This is the website that permits another blog or website to publish posts on their sites provided they comply with their standards. All syndication means the blog post is published without any modifications. A blend of syndicated plus original means the blog posts are edited before submission to the associate website.
  • Self-syndication on other sites > Medium is an example of self-syndication. Post a snippet with a link to your website in the post you publish on such websites.
  • Content syndication on social media channels. > Whenever a post is published on social media your contacts are intimidated. The followers read and share your posts
  • Submitting content to RSS feeds > Subscribe to RSS feed to make your blog posts available to your readers for content syndication Fig6. RSS aggregation websites concentrate mostly on aggregating standard content thereby making it available to those on the lookout for such content. Content aggregator websites offer bloggers a chance to get more readers. Users find new content that is of interest to them. Create your content aggregator website using the WP RSS Aggregator plugin. Import all new posts to the WP News Desk <http://wpnewsdesk.com/> for display within the blog with the source name, author name, and publish date, and link back directly to the original post. No sooner does any visitor click on a post title, featured image, or metadata, than that person lands on the post on the source’s website.

e-Learning for Web Traffic

  • Many online tutorial platforms eg Teachable <teachable.com> provide an opportunity to create courses that address your users’ needs. Your content can target keywords that drive more traffic to your website. The course you craft should deliver value. Get student links by providing access to offers and additional content.
  • Promote eLearning through SlideShare <slideshare.net> platforms with PowerPoint presentations and a link to your website to drive organic traffic Fig7.
  • Use platforms such as Quora and Yahoo Answers to engage readers and furnish answers relevant to your blog content as a means to drive traffic to your site.
  • Automate your sales presentation with webinar platforms eg GoToWebinar <goto.com/webinar> and drive traffic to your site.

Pinging your blog to increase web traffic

Whenever you update your blog posts you have to use pinging services to inform search engines and blog directories. Pinging results in your blog for quick indexing by search engines. The pinging process calls for additional traffic from numerous other sources.

fig8 - Web Traffic: WordPress Ping Update Services
Fig8 – Web Traffic: WordPress Ping Update Services

The pinging function is built into WordPress websites. After publishing your post, to edit your post click the update tab. WordPress treats this activity as a new post and pings the search engine. Several such updates made quickly result in pings to search engines. So many pings made in a short time run the risk of the tag being spam. Use a WordPress plugin and avoid the tag as a spammer. Find a list of WordPress ping plugins by clicking on WP-ping-plugins. From your WP dashboard go to settings > writing and add the updated services codex list. Additional sites added to WP Updated Services <codex.wordpress.org/Update_Services> will increase your chances of receiving traffic from those services. For this manually ping your updated blog posts to the below websites to intimate search engines and drive huge traffic.

  • http://www.pingler.com/ > Enter your blog title and URL Next select a category from the dropdown and click on the ping tab. This service will then automatically notify all its 86 listed blog services.
  • http://pingomatic.com/ > WordPress blogs use these services by default every time you click the update tab. They are updated regularly with ping specialized services that are relevant.
  • http://addurl.nu/ > Submit your website for extra submissions to popular websites.
  • http://blogbuzzer.com/ > Backlink & Ping > Website / Blog Ping
  • http://feedshark.brainbliss.com/ > pings a variety of services to notify recent updates for your blog, website, RSS feed, or podcast.

Web Traffic through Social Media

Use Social Media Channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc to drive traffic to your website. Boost your blog post or run traffic campaign Ads on Facebook & Instagram directed towards a select audience. Include links and images that are clickable landing the user to a CTA page. Some common social bookmarking websites are StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, Scoopit, etc Fig9. Promote Social Sharing using social bookmarking websites. Here internet users share their blog posts, images, and videos thereby increasing brand awareness. This results in quick indexing of your posts. Moreover content can go viral. Try Plurk <plurk.com/portal/>, a free messaging social media tool to interact with followers and drive traffic to your blog.

Social Signals

Users express their opinions on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc by way of shares, likes, dislikes, tweets, etc are referred to as Social Signals. These activities are measurable. Social signals furnish search engines with data on certain pages of a website that are reached through social media channels. Thus Social Signals help search engines evaluate the quality of your website, its usefulness, and relevancy for users. Google Analytics data shows web traffic flow through social networks.

Fig10-Pocket - Book Marking Site
fig10-Pocket – Book Marking Site

Social Bookmarking Website

Listings on Social Bookmarking Sites eg Reddit drives free targetted traffic to your blog. Go through the list by clicking on the List of social bookmarking websites. Using bookmarks to share posts, images, videos, etc allows people to search and find webpages of interest Fig10. Bookmarking your site will show up in search engines. People can also tag your site to other bookmarking sites. It helps to obtain backlinks and boosts the popularity of your site.

fig 11 – Web Traffic Metrics

Tools – Web Traffic

Varied tools come with differing features and benefits. They need to be explored and ascertained before picking the one most suited for your brand and objectives. Some important Website Traffic metrics for analysis must include the following-

  • Organic search traffic: The number of visitors who arrive on your website through unpaid search engine search.
  • Traffic sources: tell you where your users are coming from.
  • Unique visitors: refers to the number of users who visit a website within a specific period.
  • Average session duration: How much time each visitor was active on your website?
  • Pageviews: can identify which pages of your website are popular
  • Bounce Rate: The Visitor percentage that leaves your website without viewing another page.
  • Exit Rate: The Visitor’s percentage to a page on your website from where they exit to another website.
  • Keyword Ranking: Visitors find your website when searching with the keywords and phrases your website ranks for.
  • Referrals: Visitors that land on your website from other websites.
  • Conversion Rate: is the percentage of visitors who take a desired action, for example, make a purchase, fill out the subscription form, download an ebook, etc.
Fig11-Google Analytics
Fig12-Google Analytics

Google Analytics

The popular free tool used by most websites is Google Analytics Fig13. It attaches more significance to how visitors use your site. The paid version is Google 360 which offers additional features with no limits to traffic.

Fig12-Google Search Console
Fig13-Google Search Console

Google Search Console

Connect Google Search Console to Google Analytics. Google Search Console is a free tool that provides data about organic clicks, CTR, impressions, keywords that drive traffic to your websites along with search volumes, technical SEO issues, etc. Use GSC to continuously monitor your website visibility in SERPs Fig13. Read more by clicking on Google Search Console.

Fig13-SEMRUSH-Free Website Traffic Checker Tools
Fig14-SEMRUSH-Free Website Traffic Checker Tools

SEMRUSH Free Website Traffic Checker

SEMRUSH has a free website traffic checker. You have to feed any domain in the search field to get insights about traffic, user demographics, landing pages, backlinks, keywords, and more. Use the information to optimize your website and develop campaign strategies to achieve higher rankings. The traffic analysis feature provides a view of visitor volumes along with origin countries, traffic sources, etc Fig14. Unlock additional features with a paid plan for your SEO, content, PPC, social media, competitor research, etc.

Fig14-Ahrefs Traffic Checker Tool
Fig15-Ahrefs Traffic Checker Tool

Ahrefs Traffic Website Checker

Check your website traffic for free with Ahrefs website traffic checker Fig15. Just enter the domain that needs to be analyzed and get a report for organic traffic, countries, pages, keywords, etc. To get additional traffic insights you need to register for their paid plan.

Fig15-Ahrefs Webmaster Tools
Fig16-Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools allows limited access to Site Explorer and Site Audit for free. As a beginner, you can refine your website’s SEO performance to increase search traffic.

Fig16-Similarweb- Chrome Extension - Traffic Rank & Website Analysis
Fig17-Similarweb- Chrome Extension – Traffic Rank & Website Analysis


SimilarWeb has a free Chrome Extension to learn about the basics of Web Traffic metrics. The free traffic analysis tool allows limited traffic data about websites Fig17. For extra features opt for the paid version.


Although Web traffic relates to visitor volumes, connecting with consumers and optimizing them leads to business growth. Improvise your content, social media, SEO, etc to expand user loyalty and promote awareness among users. Your online presence depends on remaining ahead of the trending web traffic curve in the evolution of today’s digitized environment. Many traffic analysis tools can give you details of your website traffic along with those of your competitors. Use a variety of tools to get a more precise view of website traffic metrics in terms of engagement.