Brackets Code Editor

Image - Brackets Code Editor
Image – Brackets Code Editor

Brackets Code Editor is open source for Web Designers. Download and Install Brackets ~ The ‘Live Code Preview’ automatically updates files without having to write any code. Use Brackets Code Editor to edit documents. The ‘Inline Editor’ edits multiple files and supports preprocessors. As you use the ‘Inline Editor’ to see the code applied to a particular element or class you get a view of the LESS or SCSS files with the processed CSS files. Many APIs can hook into brackets to create custom scripts or brackets plugins. Make your bracket experience better with extensions. Install and remove plugins and themes. To add extensions use the Extension Manager to install update packages. In the Bracket’s toolbar access it by selecting File > Extension Manager. Optimized for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, Brackets can be used on a Mac, Windows, and Linux.

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