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Image - Pinterest
Image – Pinterest

Add Pinterest to your website and create effective, engaging Pins and winning campaigns on Pinterest. Leverage Pinterest Marketing to promote Pins and engage with your audience. Go for a business account and use features like Rich Pins to set up boards and create Pins. Create an advertising campaign on Pinterest to target users based on interest, demographics, and keywords that they’re searching. An Ad Campaign in Pinterest gives rise to an audience which can be measured in Analytics. Promoted Pins on Pinterest foster brand recognition, website visits, and conversions. Create Pin-worthy content for your social media marketing strategy. Utilize techniques to get your Pinterest content to drive traffic to your website and convert prospects into customers.

fig 1.0 - Pinterest Interface
fig 1.0 – Pinterest Interface

Pinterest Account

Login Pinterest. Upgrade your personal account or signup with a business account on Pinterest and start for free. A business account displays your blog website name instead of first and last name. It also unlocks features such as Rich Pins, Promoted Pins, etc.

Optimizing your Pinterest Account

With a Business Account display your company name on your profile. Legitimize your Pinterest account and get a check mark. Get analytics for your pins and boards.

Pinterest - Save button
fig 1.1 – Pinterest – Save button

Pinterest Friendly Websites

Make your website Pinterest friendly by adding images, infographics, etc to your content. Include the Pin, profile and board widgets. Add the ‘Save’ button fig 1.1 to your images. Use this save button to Pin it to another board.

Pinterest - Boards and Pins
fig 1.2 – Pinterest – Boards and Pins

Boards and Pins in Pinterest Marketing.

In Pinterest there are three types of Boards. They are Regular Boards, Secret Board, and Group Boards. Publish a ready idea on a Regular Board. Working on your ideas for the development of a Pin can be stored on a secret board. The Pins of a secret board is not visible to your followers. A Group Board can store categorized Pins. Moreover, in a Group Board, not only the board creator but also a multitude of other Pinners can also Pin on this board.

fig - Create a Board
fig 1.3 – Create a Board

To create a board or a Pin go to the menu in above fig 1.2 and click on it. In the board, display page click on the +icon. For a board enter details such as the name of the board fig 1.3 and visibility ie; whether the board is secret. Next click on the ‘Create’ button. Use Picmonkey to add text to your Pinterest images.

fig - Create a Pin.
fig 1.4 – Create a Pin.

For a Pin fig 1.4 enter details such as title, Pin description, add destination link. To add an image for your Pin drag and drop the image in the box or include the image URL to save it from your website. The size of the Pin image [2:3 aspect ratio] should be 600*900 pixels. Next select the board where you want this Pin to reside and hit on the ‘Publish’ button

Infographic Pins

Add your logo with website URL and Pinterest statistics to your infographic. Use your websites brand colors and fonts. Pinning activities on mobile devices necessitates readability of fonts on the small screen. The key to getting more traffic to your website comes from more rePins on Pinterest that would earn more followers. Grow your email list by creating a Pin link to your opt-in directly to your landing page.

fig - Rich Pins Validator
fig 1.5 – Rich Pins Validator

Rich Pins

Rich Pins add details to Pins from your website. They show your logo, title of your blog post and description, information about your website and CTA buttons. Different types of Rich Pins are article, recipe, place, product, movie, etc.

To set up Rich Pins for your website activate the Yoast SEO Plugin. Go to SEO> Dashboard> Features and enable the Advanced Settings. In the dropdown menu in the sidebar of Yoast SEO select ‘Social’. In the page displayed, go to Facebook and ensure that the ‘Add Open Graph metadata box’ is enabled. Read more about Yoast SEO settings by clicking on Yoast-SEO.

Now go to Rich Pin Validator and enter URL for any one of your blog posts. Next click validate. After validation, you will see a message fig 1.5 showing ‘Your pins have been validated!. Apply to enable your Rich Pins’. If you scroll down your domain name is displayed. Below it click on ‘HTML Tags’ button from the option. Finally, click the ‘Apply’ tab and that is all.

Promoted Pins

Regular Pins, when promoted by paying to run Ads to target an audience that becomes visible in relevant search results, are known as Promoted Pins. Choose any Pin from your board, set campaign name and duration and the monies you want to spend each day for promotion.

Pinterest Marketing: Advertising

Promote your website by running Ads on Pinterest and use Analytics to see where your traffic is coming and going to. Target your Ads on Pinterest by interest, keywords, and audience. Keyword targeting gets your Ads in front of visitors who search for ideas as is the case with Google Search. Broad Keywords do not limit the number of impressions you get as would be the case with exact match keywords. ‘Pinterest help’ allows you to source long tail keywords by typing the main keywords in the search bar. Then Pinterest will come out with ‘keywords’ that are relevant to your target audience

Pinterest Campaigns

Optimize Campaigns on Pinterest by considering key metrics. The Pinterest algorithm optimizes for CTR and not for Conversions. In your campaign, if the goal is to get conversions and CTR is high but is down in Pinterest then the final data shows a different picture. The different Ad types used on Pinterest is the promoted Pins which show up natively in the users feed. The one tab allows a user to land on your website where they can get more information about the product or make a purchase. Use a ‘Schedule Automation’ like Tailwind to create campaigns that send Pins out to group boards and drop Pins out at intervals

Pinterest takes into account the following four factors to determine whether your Ads will be shown-

Domain quality – Pinterest takes a peek at your website and sees how popular your pins are on the actual website.

Pin Quality – Pinterest looks at how popular your pins are on the actual platform.

Polity – Pinterest rates your website as a content creator and how active you are as a Pin or how your contact is being received.

Relevance – How closely your Pins fit your audiences overall interest and search history.

fig - Viralwoot Dashboard
fig 1.6 – Viralwoot Dashboard

Viralwoot: Pin Scheduler

Use third-party Pinterest Marketing networks to run a Pinterest promotion such as Viralwoot. It is a management, promotion and analytics tool for Pinterest. Signup for a Viralwoot account. In the dashboard fig 1.6 select Pin Scheduler from the menu bar option. I will drag an image in the box say by going to my blog post – Email Marketing and choose the infographic – ‘5 Steps to Email Marketing’.

fig - Viralwoot Pin Scheduler
fig 1.7 – Viralwoot Pin Scheduler

Next, the infographic image will appear as shown in fig 1.7. Fill details below in respective boxes. Title> Email Marketing, Link> blog post URL link, Name of the Board> Email Marketing (which board this particular Pin should appear), Date & Time> select from the month, date and time calendar drop down. In the fig the Pin is scheduled for 18-05-2019 at 11:50 a.m. and hit the ‘Schedule Now!’ tab.

fig - Success-Post Scheduled
fig 1.8 – Success-Post Scheduled

A Success Message gets generated. In the fig 1.8 click on Posts Scheduled to view details of the Pin Scheduled. You can also use the Chrome Extension for Viralwoot.

Pinterest Analytics
fig 1.9 – Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Marketing: Analytics

The analytics tool in Pinterest fig 1.9 can track your metrics and conversions and optimize future performance. Set a recurring monthly calendar and review all available Pinterest metrics. Adapt your Pinning strategy for more traffic, leads, and sales on your website.

Earning Followers

Post only original Content. Increase your Reach to gain followers. Pin articles and items related to your niche. One of your Pinterest Marketing Strategy should be to Pin content from other sites. Use keywords relevant to search terms in Pinterest descriptions. Get more followers on Pinterest by following other people.

Pinterest Marketing: Make money on Pinterest

Join Pinterest Groups and reach thousands of more Pinners than that you achieve when on your own boards. Make money on Pinterest by becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant or an Influencer. Drive traffic to your website by promoting affiliate links or selling online products.

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