Technical SEO

Image - Technical SEO
Image – Technical SEO

Technical SEO helps understand how search engines crawl and index your website without any problems. Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools are free to use for website analyses and sighting of any technical SEO issues. Search Engines have technical limitations. They may not understand your content either fully or partly. Technical SEO factors matter and you need to address these limitations which search engines come across by understanding how they work. You may have unique titles or a lot of images and text which tells the search engine what the post is all about. Search engines recognize JavaScript code running on your website. At times you block your content visibility not knowing that you have not connected or opened up your website to search engines. Connect SEO with other business activities. Improve further with visuals such as videos or engagement with local content and news.

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Google Search Console

Image - Google Search Console
Image – Google Search Console

Set up Google Search Console and get all valuable information related to your website. To start you must have a website and a Gmail account. Google Search Console helps you review your website. Know how your site performs, what sites link back to you and view your websites’ indexing. It provides insights and allows you to see how Google views your site. See crawlers at work and make improvements by fixing errors as per the guidelines. Identify security – spam or malware issues for your site. Remove from search engine results that content which is not worth for display. Use tools to monitor and enhance website rankings. It also drives and increases traffic to your site. Boost UX and enhance your SEO efforts. Read more about SEO by clicking on SEO Fundamentals.

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Majestic SEO

Image: Majestic SEO
Image: Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is a backlink tool having exhaustive data to display for analysis that require a full backlink profile. The backlink index goes back to 2011. Majestic backlink crawlers provide meaningful insights about competitors backlinks. It provides reports for the presentation of their backlink profile. Partnering opportunities with sites, tracking the progress of what content works and competitor analytics play a role in getting more traffic to your websites. Majestic own search engines with ranking factors help bring more traffic to your site. Metrics used are Citation Flow (number of backlinks), Trust Flow (quality of backlinks) and Topical Trust Flow (importance of a site industry-wise). Several tools are available for backlink and domain comparison as well as for backlink and link building. Information is retrieved quickly and tools can handle bulk requests. Searches can be conducted for Fresh index, or full historic data.

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Facebook for Business Promotion.

Image - Facebook for Business Promotion.
Image – Facebook for Business Promotion.

Run a business page for your brand and enhance visibility. Get users to engage with your content to get results. SMBs and politicians can establish their brands on social media following best practices. Optimize your Facebook page and settings to get conversions with strategies. Integrate features such as Messenger, Events, and Facebook live. These features in Facebook for business promotion reach out to your communities. Create different types of posts and events and get likes and follows. Grow your audience through groups and automate using an autoresponder service. Develop a Facebook sales funnel and generate revenues by using boosts and Ads. Use data to continuously improve upon the performance of your Facebook page. The Facebook Business Manager manages your pages, Ad accounts, catalogs and pixels in one place. Achieve your business goals by getting new customers.

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PHP Programming Basics

Image: PHP Programming Basics
Image: PHP Programming Basics

PHP is a server-side programming language. To parse PHP code set up a local environment such as XAMPP to run Apache server PHP on your local machine and use MySQL database. In PHP Programming Basics, embed PHP code into an HTML page and output dynamic text. Review the basics – PHP data types, such as variables, strings, and arrays. Different control structures in PHP, such as expressions and loops, give control over how the code executes. Even though PHP has many built-in functions, you can define your own custom functions. The code becomes reusable and helps prevent bugs.

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Image - CSS for HTML
Image – CSS for HTML

Go through Introduction to HTML, before starting with ‘CSS for HTML’. CSS is a must for front end web developers. Cascading Style Sheets works with HTML to enhance its look in the browser. CSS is continuously progressing that call for even more greater control of the presentation of web pages. Understand the CSS box model and layout concepts. Set margin and paddings and position elements. Work with fonts and colors and structure webpages. Create CSS code, background images, add classes, IDs, float, layers, embedded style sheets, external style sheets, and more. Use media queries to adapt content for different web device sizes. Improve your CSS with free tools such as Code Pen, Chrome Dev tools or the Chrome Plugin- Pesticide.

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Regex Basics

Image - Regex Basics
Image – Regex Basics

Regex Basics starts with symbols and basic syntax to find and manipulate text. Use character sets and repetition expressions to create flexible matching patterns. The Regex engine parses text to find matches and utilizes greedy and lazy strategies. Capture text and lazy strategies as it finds matches. Refer back to it later by using backreferences. Discover look around assertions to create complex matching patterns. Complex Regex can search for anything such as email addresses, phone numbers, URLs, prices, zip code, etc. Build step by step and explore some of the common and useful Regular Expressions. Write Regular Expressions for pattern matching, text manipulation, and parsing data. In JavaScript, it can be an object. Regex comes in different flavors based on the programming language or the application. The PCRE-version stands for Perl Compatible Regular Expressions. It is credited for popularizing the usage of RegEx. PCRE is also used in PHP.

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Brackets Code Editor

1 - Image - Brackets Code Editor
1 – Image – Brackets Code Editor

Brackets Code Editor is open source for Web Designers by Adobe. Download and Install Brackets. The ‘Live Code Preview’ automatically updates files without having to write any code. Use brackets to edit documents. The ‘Inline Editor’ edits multiple files and supports preprocessors. As you use the ‘Inline Editor’ to see the code applied to a particular element or class you get a view of the LESS or SCSS files with the processed CSS files. Many APIs can hook into brackets to create custom scripts or brackets plugins. Make your brackets experience better with extensions. Install and remove plugins and themes. To add extensions use the Extension Manager to install update packages. In the Bracket’s toolbar access it by selecting File > Extension Manager. Optimized for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Brackets can be used on a Mac, Windows, and Linux.

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Buffer Software

Image - Buffer Software
Image – Buffer Software

The Buffer Software analyze results, manage accounts in social networks and engage with their community. Buffer is a social media marketing tool for marketers and agencies to share on social media. Use Buffer Software to schedule your posts later at best possible times allowing your followers to view updates and make the most of each post. Post to all your social media accounts simultaneously. Work from anywhere with browser extensions and mobile apps. Pablo by Buffer creates images for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest, based on their recommended sizes. Produce content both with typography, formatting or font sizing as well as visuals. Post and schedule images and videos.

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Adobe Spark

Image - Adobe Spark Post, Page and Videos.
Image – Adobe Spark Post, Page and Videos.

Adobe Spark (AS) is a multifaceted tool used to create stories, graphics, and animated videos. Post your projects on the web for marketing, education, and training. Create your projects using Spark- Post, Page, and Video. Know the differences between a post, video, and page. The three applications help you to create visual content. Create posts with multiple images and find icons and images, and format text. Use different features and themes available within AS. With the software, work with animated text and backgrounds, insert videos and add music & narration. Content creation for posting on your website, social media, and educational training systems. Upload content to Spark, add videos, buttons, and links to pages.

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