Google Adword Basic


In Google Adword Basics, quality score affects how much you pay and the performance of your ads. Setup up a new campaign and give a name to your campaign. Choose the type of campaign you want. Choose the network for your ads to be displayed on. By default, Google Ads will display on all mobile platforms and tablets. Target a location where you want your ads to display. For other countries included in location pick the language you want from the options. Decide the bid strategy you want to follow. Pay a fixed amount per click, or let Google auto-bid do it for you. Ad Extensions are snippets of information about your business that you choose to add to your text ads. The two categories are Automatic and Manual Ad Extensions. The Ad Group name has to be relevant to the campaign you create.

Write your Ad and preview your Ad in the visualization tool. Decide on the keyword you Ad would want to show up.

Google Adwords Wiki Definition

“Google Ads is an online advertising platform developed by Google, where advertisers pay to display brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings, video content, and generate mobile application installs within the Google ad network to web users. Source-Wikipedia

Below are the ‘essentials’ to start an Ad campaign in Google Adwords. [now known as Google Ads or Google AdExpress]. Follow the 7 Steps correctly to reduce the chance of losing money while using Adwords.

Google Adword Basics Introduction

1-Google’s Adwords is Google’s advertising platform for bringing in leads or sales to your business by creating ads based on keywords the user types in the browser. These Ads are normally displayed above organic listings and are called PPC- pay per clicks meaning you only pay when someone clicks on your Ad.

fig1.1-Google Adword Basics - shows how Ad is displayed when the keyword ‘air filter’ is typed in the browser
fig1.1-Google Adword Basics – shows how Ad is displayed when the keyword ‘air filter’ is typed in the browser

Google Adword Basics: Set up your Adwords Campaign

  • Login to your Google Adwords. Click the (+)-blue button in your campaign dashboard to get started.
fig0.1Google Adword Basics - interface
fig0.1Google Adword Basics – interface
  • Select Campaign type > Search | Display |Shopping | Video | Universal App

[Search recommended]

  • Select Goals > signup | phonecall | purchase
  • Enter a name for your campaign
  • Select the network> Search Network | Display Network

a-Search Network Ads can appear in search engine results

b-Display Network Ads can appear on a large network of sites across the internet.

[Search network recommended]

  • Select your location | language
  • Make your first ad group and write the first Ad in Google Ads 

Write the final URL | Try to use the keyword in the headline.

Text characters are limited for

headline1 up to 30 characters,

headline2 up to 30 characters,

Description up to 80 characters

Add product images and a logo to your Ad

Insert keywords in the keyword field. find out how many searches in each type can be got by adding + signs.

Each major keyword will have their own bid price and later Google will provide bids for individual keywords

  • Set your budget | billing details                                                                
  • Set delivery method > Standard Delivery | Accelerated Delivery

a-Standard delivery is the even spending of your budget over any given day.

b-Accelerated delivery is the quick spending of your budget which implies the budget can be exhausted before the end of the day.

(Standard delivery recommended)

  • Set up your bidding > Your campaign’s main optimization activity are:

a-Conversions- are measured by the interactions with your Ad eg signup | phonecall | purchase

b-Conversion value- each conversion financial worth

c-Clicks-anyone clicking on your page

  • Set up your bidding strategy > manually set your bids for clicks | let AdWords do it for you

The bidding strategy is a control mechanism for how you pay for users to interact with your Ad. In the manual option, you have the control over your campaigns.

(manually set bids  recommended)

  • Set Ad Extensions for improving quality score and ad performance.

Extensions improve quality score and Ad performance and include location info | page links of your websites | phone number

Additional Settings include app extensions | location extensions | price extensions | promotion extensions | message extensions | structured snippet extensions

  • Select RLSA-[Remarketing lists for search ads] audiences to be added to your campaign

Targeting selects the audience for the reach of your campaigns

Observation on the other hand not only targets the audience selected list but also adds anyone who fits the basis of your campaign

(Observation recommended)

Next, click the additional settings for the above-mentioned extension settings with location settings.

(target people in your targeted location recommended)

Summary for Creating an AdWords Campaign
fig: Summary for Creating an AdWords Campaign

Keyword Match Types

For the broad match, phrase match and exact match  go through the google documentation by clicking on keyword-matching-options

fig2.1-Ad Group-1_keyword 'air filter'
fig2.1-Ad Group-1_keyword ‘air filter’
fig2.2-Ad Group 2_keyword 'air purifier'
fig2.2-Ad Group 2_keyword ‘air purifier’

Do not place too many keywords in a single ad group. Split up the ad-groups into two (three recommended) [Ad Group 1 & Ad Group2] to contain only a few keywords in each.

fig2.4-keyword 'air cleaners' with search per month and bid price
fig2.4-keyword ‘air cleaners’ with search per month and bid price

The idea behind splitting ad-groups is to create Ad text and keywords which are specific to the search query.

fig2.3-Ad Campaign
fig2.3-Ad Campaign


Relevancy increases CTR-click through rate and the outcome is a lower bid and better conversion.

Ad copy must be made relevant to search terms and landing page must be relevant to the Ad for obtaining higher ad position for less spending than that of your competitor.

Landing Pages

Going to the previous example of keyword ‘air filter’ and clicking on the Ad, we are taken to the landing page as shown in fig 4.1 which is their website that is relevant to the search query of the air filter. The CTA- call to action button is visible prompting the user to take action by clicking on the ‘Shop now’ button and avail the festive discount. The website also allows for easy navigation from one page to the other.

fig4.1-Google Adword Basics - Landing Page
fig4.1-Google Adwords Basics – Landing Page

However, in most cases, the landing page is a ‘page’ of the website where the visitor lands after clicking on the Ad.

The Landing page should be aesthetically designed and have relevance in Quality Score, easy navigational links, trustworthy/transparent for personal detail/ credit card input of the user, display result  may be a product sale or email capture that is clearly visible thus enticing the user to do what they are required to do and visitors should be attracted to spend time on the landing page.

Google Adword Basics: Quality Score

5-A Quality score has a scale of 1-10 with 10 as the highest. The Landing page should contain keywords that are relevant to the Ad. The higher the QS the better is the measure of relevance to the text of your Ad.

The 4 factors contributing to a Quality Score are:

-Landing Page Experience |  Historical Landing Page Experience  

-Ad Relevance |Historical Ad Relevance

-Click Through Rates | Historical Expected Click-Through-Rates

-Historical Quality Score

Split Testing

6-Split testing-Ensure the ‘rotate ads evenly’ option is turned on in the Campaign Setting. With Google Adwords for the above example of keyword ‘air filter,’ you can create two ads say (1)  ’air filter’ keyword or (2) ’air purifier’ keyword and set them running and start measuring to find the conversion rate of the best-performing ad.


7- Geo-targeting makes it possible to target local visitors by showing ads only to this select audience and cut on advertising costs which appear for fewer times. With correct keywords and right Ad, the conversion rate could rise higher.



Tools – Some free tools available for maximizing Google Adwords [now Google Ads or Google AdExpress] are