GIMP Toolbox

Image - GIMP Toolbox
Image – GIMP Toolbox

GIMP Toolbox is a collection of icons that represent different tools. Left-click on any icon to activate or use a keyboard shortcut. Get familiar with each icon in the GIMP toolbox and unlock the magic of these settings. Using the ‘Selection Tools’, select an area from the active layer of images you wish to work on without affecting the unselected areas. When areas have been selected, the selection takes place with the current layer. With Layers, the image is broken in separate parts stacked one on another. Each tool has options and features. The dialogue ‘Transform Toolbox’ helps to modify the presentation of the image, its elements, selection, layer or path. The ‘Brush Tools’ contains tools for painting including copying, erasing, smudging, lightening or darkening options. ‘Miscellaneous’ includes tools not found in any of the above types. They are Paths, Zoom, Color Picker, Text, Measure, Levels, & Curves.

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Adobe Spark

Image - Adobe Spark Post, Page and Videos.
Image – Adobe Spark Post, Page and Videos.

Adobe Spark (AS) is a multifaceted tool used to create stories, graphics, and animated videos. Post your projects on the web for marketing, education, and training. Create your projects using Spark- Post, Page, and Video. Know the differences between a post, video, and page. The three applications help you to create visual content. Create posts with multiple images and find icons and images, and format text. Use different features and themes available within AS. With the software, work with animated text and backgrounds, insert videos and add music & narration. Content creation for posting on your website, social media, and educational training systems. Upload content to Spark, add videos, buttons, and links to pages.

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