MailChimp Email Marketing

Image: MailChimp Email Marketing.
Image: MailChimp Email Marketing.

Set up an account with MailChimp Email Marketing that is free for first 2000 subscribers or 12,000 emails. Create a sign-up form and place that form on your website. Manage your subscriber lists. Add new or existing subscribers to lists, and use list segments and groups to direct your messaging for different types of audiences. Grow your subscriber list by getting subscribers engaged with video, animations, and surveys. Build campaigns and A/B test your campaigns. Identify top subscribers, create landing pages and setup re-marketing. Use email templates to create newsletters, and interpret the results from your newsletter campaigns to know what works and what does not. Send highly targeted email campaigns that convert into customer engagement. Increase your ‘Reach’ with social media advertising using MailChimp autoresponder feature.

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Marketing Automation Software

Image - Marketing Automation Software
Image – Marketing Automation Software

Marketing Automation Software used by digital marketers refers to software technologies and platforms designed for online productive marketing channels such as websites, social media, email, etc to automate tasks that are repetitive in nature. The software allows follow up of the prospects top funnel activities such as the visits to your website, reading a blog post, fill a form or open emails. It has provision to manage market campaign tracking and scheduling such as company-customer communications & email campaigns. To get started with Marketing Automation you will require an email list and software.

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