Readability Analysis

Image: Readability Analysis
Image: Readability Analysis

By and large Readability Analysis makes content more readable. So use shorter words and shorter sentences. Grammarly is available both as a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox or an App and improves Grammer and Spelling. This App is available both for free and at a premium. Thus a Readability Score is a number indicating how easy it will be to read a piece of text. In brief, the Readability Checker calculates the number of sentences, words, syllables, and characters in the text. Hence, use more active voice and transition words in your sentences. Generally speaking, transition words act as bridges that connect the ideas in your content. Therefore Readability formulas anticipate the difficulty level of text by analyzing text passages. Thus it measures average word length and sentence length and provide a grade-level score.

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Content Marketing


Content marketing is all about creating relevant information, your target audience is passionate about and connect with the market in a meaningful way, that moves them to engage and stick with your content.

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