Website Audit

Image-Website Audit

A Website Audit can be a combination of different types of audits that cover your online presence. The goal of the audit must be to provide insights and recommendations based on the audit data. The principal purpose of a website audit is to detect how much traffic a site attracts and find ways to make improvements. Various factors are examined that are responsible for website ranking, identifying bottlenecks that impede your site performance from reaching its optimal potential. Based on these inspections actionable recommendations that help optimize websites are recommended for reaching audit objectives. An online reputation audit finds out your brands’ positive and negative ratings relating to reviews, likes, shares, comments, listings, etc. Reputation triggers online purchases as consumers want safety narratives while paying online. A security audit will indicate whether the website is vulnerable to security violations and has compromised sensitive information for both businesses and users.

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Image Optimization for SEO

Image - Optimize Images for Web
Image – Image Optimization For SEO

For better rankings and user experience, Image Optimization for SEO plays an important role in boosting visibility, enhancing the visual appeal of your website, and attracting more Web Traffic. Optimized images can rank higher in Google Images search results, and enhance website accessibility.

In Image Optimization for SEO, many tools and programs are available both free and paid. Photo editing software such as GIMP (free) or Photoshop (paid) etc allows you to do your optimization. Tools such as Optimzilla (free) or (free & paid version) etc do the optimization work for you. With Image Optimization For SEO, one has to strike a balance between quality and compression. The higher the quality, the lower the loading of images on the web because of the file size.

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BuzzSumo Content Research

Image - BuzzSumo Content Research
Image – BuzzSumo Content Research

With Buzzsumo content research grow your business by creating a content marketing strategy. In the digital world, content is king. Find out the platforms that can serve your brands’ content marketing activities. BuzzSumo is designed to determine the type of content working now. Spy on your competitors and arrange your content to work jointly with influencers. Build the right relationships with influencers in your niche, audience, and competitors. Target those keywords for your business that attract meaningful visitors to your site continuously. Find out the trending content and publish high-quality posts. Integrate BuzzSumo with your business to keep tabs on your marketing efforts. Research content and plan your strategy for publishing content and expanding your business. Format and repurpose your content to acquire backlinks.

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Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Image - Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
Image – Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing is a wide term describing a set of marketing processes consisting of all available digital channels such as websites, email marketing, social media platforms, SEO, PPC, etc. to promote services or a product to build a digital brand. Applied to political campaigns, the fundamentals of digital marketing can be easy to manage, data-driven, and cost-effective which is crucial for any election campaigning. For both brands and poll candidates, all activities are designed to catch the audience, connect with the target viewers, and close on them.

Buyers can shop easily using various digital marketing channels like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Sellers can target/ retarget using analytic software to reach a more accurate specific audience through Ads or product/ service promotions. The internet is the core of digital marketing and both big and small businesses can gain from it by taking advantage of technology to further their interests.

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YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing
YouTube Marketing

Project your brand and share content with your audience by creating and managing your YouTube Marketing Channel. Create multiple channels for brand accounts that vest control with multiple people. Cards (annotations) and Captions can help interact with users through crafty, captivating artwork and attractive thumbnails. Cards help to add interactive links to videos that aid in selling products or conducting surveys. Utilize captions to communicate within videos in numerous languages. Upload video content and edit videos inside YouTube’s built-in options after you have posted your file on YouTube. The playlist that you create must assist navigation to help users watch similar subject videos. Manage YouTube Creator studio (interface) and remain connected with your community through live streaming. Monetize your video content by signing into the YouTube partner program.

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ChatGPT for Blogging

Image - ChatGPT for Blogging
Image – ChatGPT for Blogging

With ChatGPT for Blogging, you can expect it to assist you in writing a blog post and boost your productivity. ChatGPT is a chatbot (having its API) powered by GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformers) which relies on a GPT set of parameters that is optimized for dialogue having content filters. Large Language models (LLM) such as GPT (which has its API) power apps to generate text that has a large neural network of billions of machine learning parameters. GPT3 (175 billion parameters) is the standard used now and GPT4 (100 trillion parameters) pertains to the future.

DALL·E 2 uses AI to create practical images and art using a description in natural language. The OpenAI integration with the text-to-image generation model Dall-E-3 will bring ideas to life from correctly crafted prompts. It will be available to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise customers.

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Blogging with WordPress

Image - Blogging With WordPress
Image – Blogging With WordPress

Blogging with WordPress comes in two versions. software (recommended) is open source and free but you need to pay for hosting your domain and other premium services. Blogging with WordPress CMS allows you to build websites for online stores, portfolios, businesses, blogs, etc. using WordPress themes and plugins. Monetization and customization of your website are possible. After installing WordPress make sure you choose a strong username and password. Back up your site and store it off your server. Run updates for plugins, themes, files, etc. and a WordFence security plugin can help.

Alternatively, sign up for a free plan of and use it for your blog or portfolio website with a branded URL e.g.: As your site grows and you want to use some advanced features e.g. accessing premium themes and live chat, additional storage space, etc. then you need to upgrade to a premium plan.

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Schema SEO

Image - Schema SEO
Image – Schema SEO

Schema SEO works to implement Structured Data with Schema and JSON-LD. Understand JSON-LD syntax and how to use it on your site. Create the markup for individual pages by using the Google Structured Data Testing Tool. Structured data [aka Semantic Search Marketing, markup] in Technical SEO is about metadata. Metadata is hidden from users but visible to search engines. It influences search results by producing rich snippets. These rich snippets contain additional information that attracts more users. Add Structured Data tags to communicate with search engines to provide a better understanding of your website. Apply Structured data to drive traffic to your website. An example is a Local SEO to summon products, prices, reviews, opening hours, etc. Find more information on rich snippets at <>. Plugins make it easy to add basic customized rich snippets to search listings.

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Video Marketing

Image - Video Marketing
Image – Video Marketing

Video Marketing helps develop and distribute content. Follow best practices for Video SEO to increase organic traffic by optimizing content and UX. Online video marketing for brand promotions through visual campaigns can impact global reach views. From storytelling to editing, create videos that engage and succeed in generating leads and conversion. Include corporate and business videos, events, testimonials, and commercial videos. Incorporate campaigns for your email marketing, online reputation, and PPC in your videos. Publish your videos on video-sharing sites eg YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, etc. Ideas scripted to produce videos to position your brand can lend trust for your products & services and subsequently more views. Explainer videos and a constructive snippet of less than 4-minute videos are the search engine preference to feature at the top of Google search results.

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Get started with Twitter

Image - Getting started with Twitter
Image – Get started with Twitter

Get started with Twitter to push your brand on social media, to find and follow people. Set up your profile and integrate Twitter on your website. Before a relevant keyword use hashtags (#) to categorize tweets and show them on Twitter search. Twitter for Marketing helps businesses to describe brand personalities and start marketable tweets. Analytics and lead generation calculate the influence of each tweet for finding what works and what does not. With an Advertising account on Twitter start off with sponsored tweets and ads. Twitter for Advertising is an ideal way to define and target your audience by demographics, keyword, username, or interest. Advertise on Twitter by creating a captivating Ad to increase followers, traffic and leads. Track and measure the results of your Twitter Advertising and use this information to make adjustments to your future campaigns.

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